The Last Generation?

I think that in every generation, there’s been a set of individuals who’ve had misgivings about bringing children into the world. I know that during my own broody teenage years I felt such misgivings.  But it feels like it’s becoming a mainstream idea with the kids these days. 

Driving around with my son the other day, I asked him about how climate grief affects him, if at all. He explained the biggest impact is that he’s at a place where he doubts he’ll ever have children. It felt different because it wasn’t even a “I can’t bring kids into this world” line of thought - he was feeling the opportunity wouldn’t even be there.

He’s not alone in this thinking - this sentiment has been in a number of pieces covering his generation’s response to climate change and their expectations for the future. They feel they’re the last ones at the party.

I don’t remember where I saw it, but I once read that we cherish children so much because they’re the ultimate manifestation of hope. If children are that manifestation of hope, then is this the ultimate generational expression of hopelessness? I’m sure they won’t actually be the the last generation, but they will be the last generation who will remember the world before significant climate change.

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