This Darkness Is As Sure As

(2018 - Current)

The climate crisis has finally arrived, and our political power system continues to deny the collective action needed. Society is overwhelmed with bad news and competing viewpoints, resulting in a populace of individuals frozen by ineffectual options, unable to produce change on their own. Meaningful action to meet the challenge has been elusive, and further, it’s not clear what world we’ll have left if we do meet that challenge. As I watch my son rapidly approach adulthood, against this backdrop of overwhelming destiny, grief takes hold of me.

Yet I try to hope.

Inspired by the work of Hopper, Ruscha, and others, I’ve roamed with these worrisome thoughts, constructing and collecting images that reflect the mix of anxiety, destiny, and lonely ineffectuality that makes this crisis so emotionally nascent. I photograph scenes that emote the distress that I think many of us are experiencing as we reconcile our personal feelings of futility, the immeasurable ramifications for future generations, and the hope that some elusive solution is just around the corner.

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