I find our ceaseless desire to transform our environment to be a fascinating endeavor. This collective work of mankind is often fierce, sometimes delicate or caring, but rarely inert.

I probe the boundaries, beautifications, and utilitarian artifacts that we press into service in our effort to control the environment, ourselves, and each other.

I enjoy picking through the questions raised by the work of humanity. Have the works of the past had the intended results? If not, are we making the same mistakes again? And how does this unstoppable human work change our relationships to each other and the planet?

I pour through these questions, and the tangents they spur, while creating visual records of our human endeavor and how it reflects our hopes, challenges, and fears.


Kier Selinsky (b. 1976, Ohio) has been making photographs since he was hooked by the magic of the darkroom as a teenager in rural Ohio. While he pursued a career in technology, his passion for photography has always consumed an inordinate amount of his mental capabilities.

Historically, Kier has worked in film, digital, and alternative formats. He is the Founding Editor of ƒ/D, a site devoted to pinhole photography, and edited The ƒ/D Book of Pinhole.


Group Exhibitions
2018, LightBox Photographic Gallery, The Sacred (Astoria, OR)
2017, Humble Arts Foundation, Year in Reverse (New York, NY)
2008, Akron Art Museum, Toying with Imagination: A Plastic Camera Exhibition (Akron, OH)

2017, ƒ/D Book of Pinhole (Author & Editor)

Using Format